Welcome to the Lonsdale Estates, 30,000 acres of
breathtaking Cumbrian countryside

A message from Hugh, 8th Earl of Lonsdale

Lonsdale Estates are in some of the most beautiful, breathtaking countryside in Cumbria. This 30,000 acre estate situated in Cumbria  consists of fell land to the south at the Howgills and Blencathra to the North as well as 9 miles of foreshore on the Solway and Duddon Estuaries. Within the Lowther and Eden Valleys there are 20 let farms and 50 cottages, three limestone quarries and 600 acres of commercial forestry.

We manage the Estate with a long-term view in which we recognise our responsibility to maintain the environment. This responsibility complements our commercial approach to business.

Farming: Farming has been our core business for generations. We have tenants in all farms on the Estate farming beef, sheep, dairy and egg production. Some of the families who lease these farms have been on our Estate for generations.

Minerals: We have a specialist minerals team extracting limestone, aggregates and gritstone. Once workings have finished, we restore all sites to a very high level of landscaping.

Sporting: Sporting on the Estate is all in-hand, and we encourage people of all ages and abilities to visit and try country pursuits.

Environment: We take great pride in working towards environmental schemes. We are working towards managing all our commons to the standard of Natural England’s Stewardship schemes, either at entry or higher level.

Woodlands: We are re-planting  many woodland areas with traditional hardwood trees. However, faster-growing softwoods encourage different species of wildlife so we have included them in the planting schemes.

My family has been the custodian of this beautiful area for almost 1000 years. I see myself as a protector of the Estate and a guardian for its future.

My wife and I hope you will visit this area and appreciate the magnificence of this beautiful part of the country.

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