James, 7th Earl of Lonsdale

James, 7th Earl of Lonsdale

James Hugh William Lowther, 7th Earl of LonsdaleJames Hugh William Lowther

Earl from: 1953–2006 (in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II)

Lived from: 1922–2006
Army officer in Royal Armoured Corps and East Riding Yeomanry, helped put the first tanks ashore on the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Founded of Lowther Driving Trials, opposed use of Ullswater as a reservoir for Manchester, was founder director of Border Television.

Married: Tuppina Cecily Bennet (1945)

Two children:
Jane Helen Harbord Lowther (1947–
Hugh Clayton Lowther (1949– (8th Earl)

Married: Jennifer Lowther (1954)

Three children:
• Miranda Lowther (1955–
• William James Lowther (1957–
• Caroline Lowther (1959–

Married: Nancy Ruth Cobbs (1963)

One child:
• James Nicholas Lowther (1964–

Married: Caroline Sheila Ley (1975–

Two children:
• Marie Louisa Lowther (1976–
• Charles Alexander James Lowther (1978–

Succeeded by: Hugh Clayton Lowther (son)