Lancelot, 6th Earl of Lonsdale

Lancelot, 6th Earl of Lonsdale

Lancelot Edward Lowther

Earl from: 1944–1953 (in the reigns of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II)

Lived from: 1867–1953
Officer in the Royal Border Regiment
Deputy Lieutenant, Cumberland and Westmorland (1981–1822)

Married: Sophia Gwendoline Alice Sheffield (1889)

• Barbara Lowther (1890–1979)
• Marjorie Lowther (1895–1968)
• Anthony Edward Lowther (1896–1949)

After the death of Sophia he married Sybil Beatrix Feetham in 1923

• Timothy Lancelot Lowther (1925-1984)

Succeeded by: James Hugh William Lowther